Make Money Online with Xomba

June 21, 2013 by
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Xomba is another site (similar to HubPages) that can be used to supplement your income just by publishing content. If you’re a writer looking to make money online Writing, you may want to check Xomba out! As I said before, it is similar to other sites like HubPages and the Yahoo Contributor Network. Here’s a breakdown of how Xomba pays you:

Targeted ads are placed on your Articles based on Google’s analysis of your text.

  • Ads are placed in your Article automatically by Xomba.
  • Xomba splits its Google AdSense revenue with users 60/40.
  • Sixty percent of the time your AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page, and 40 percent of the time, Xomba’s AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page.
  • Google sends you a payment each time your AdSense account has earned $100 or more. Xomba does not pay its users directly, nor do we handle any information regarding your personal AdSense account.


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