More Adsense Tips for 2013

With the success of the last article on Adsense Tips 2013, I decided to share More Adsense Tips for 2013

Keywords are important

Adsense show ads according to keywords you are using in your content. So keyword is very important. Choose keyword wisely for your blog. Google Keyword analysis tool will help you to know the click through rate of any keyword. You also can know the competition and search amount of any particular keyword using Google keyword analysis tool. It is a must use tool for bloggers. At the time of writing content be aware of keyword density. High keyword density can be harmful for your blog. Search engines marked high keyword density contents which we sat overly optimized post, as Spam.

Write more

Write a new post daily. The more content, More traffic. And more traffic means more opportunity to get clicks on your ads. For a new blogger it’s important to get familiar with search engines. So write new posts daily.

Adsense AD Format Really Matters

The size of the Adsense Ads really matters. Generally some Ad units get more clicks. I don’t know what is the main cause behind this. In my blog 300 * 250 gets 80% of clicks. Generally popular Ad units are 336 * 280 , 300*250 , 160 * 600 etc. But  it may not work for you. Suppose ad units 160*600 or 336*250 did not work for me. So I will suggest you to experiment with all ad units.

Above the Post

It’s my suggestion. You can place an 300 * 250 ad unit above posts. I hope it will bring some awesome results for you.

Color of the Ad units: Don’t try to Fool Your Readers

Experts suggest to keep ad units background color same as blog Background. I did this but Result was no change. I did not see any changes in my total clicks by changing color like blog background. So I don’t think it is a very good way because
Here in this blog I don’t want my readers will click on a Ad by misjudged with Background color. I want someone will click by knowing there is an ad and if he is really want to know about it. Don’t make fool your readers by changing your ad unit’s color same as blog’s Background. I will suggest you to keep ad’s color different from blog’s background.


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